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    What I've been up to

    I appreciate my MillionDollar Fans a lot, 2019 made me realize all my years in this game have not gone unnoticed. Had quite limited time to shine it was a crazy run from the moment “ Cost A Thang “ dropped to “ Lover Boy “ ” Spectacula “. Then the pandemic stuck hard which really stalled the entire industry. While waiting for the lockdown to roll over I decided to kickstart my own agency called Milliondollar Ideas Limited. We provide promotional services precisely to the upcoming and fast-rising artist, Although we have every intention to expand to bigger lists of artists with time, Presently our real focus, for now, are the grassroots.

    I noticed a lot of talented creatives want to do music and push their crafts independently and not necessarily have to sign a contract or bind themselves in a deal. A fundamental problem is a way the Nigerian music industry is structured you might not even have a chance as a creative to get heard because you need to build a brand around you and unfortunately the right guidance and advice might not be readily given by anyone. I figured consultancy might be a good way out. At MillionDollar Ideas Ltd, we work according to our client's budget to help them achieve their aims professionally and give advice on further steps to be taken on their brands.

    Okal furthered narrated

    2020 was peculiarly all about collaborations for me, I had to keep my listeners busy I decided to hook up with close Dj s  & Producers' friends of mine by exploring the depth of my sound. I wrote Natural Highness during the lockdown, Dj T Monie had already sent me the beat he wanted to make it a south-south all-bred song and I sent it to Steven Tones to hook us up with the 2nd verse. Lyquid Mix mixed & mastered, we created a powerful song with a great message.

    “ Gentleman “  alongside Dj Oscar P was released to round off the year.

    What s new with Okal?

    “It's good to be back and this time around am here to stay I have so much music to share with the world and i've got plans for my debut body of work, a whole lot of collaborations in place for the year 2021 also “
    The Afro Soul Highlife Singer Is Back With A New Single Titled " Thinking ".
    Thinking is a controversial song that Features a one-sided conversation of a lover analyzing a relationship that seems to be filled with lies and disguise. Hopes & Prayers Does Not Seem Yield Any Good Result, Acceptance Seems To Be The Lovers Only way to find peace.

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