Why invest in music?
The recorded music industry is growing. Streaming, which has grown by nearly $28B in the past 10 years, now makes up 80% of all recorded music revenue globally. That growth will continue. Goldman Sachs forecasts global recorded music revenues to nearly quadruple to $80B by 2030. This overlooked asset class is also uncorrelated with the broader stock market.

Music investing with HIGHVIBES might not be what you imagine. It isn’t based on a gut feel guess made in a dark and smokey nightclub, it’s a highly data driven activity. HIGHVIBES data science team has has hundreds, sometimes tens of thousands of data points on every artist we fund. More powerfully, every single artist is compared to a model that includes billions and billions more data points on hundreds of thousands of other artists.

Finally, our investments in music are secured directly with cash flows from DSP's, which makes the income streams in which we invest more straightforward to collect on behalf of investors.

How can I invest?
HIGHVIBES is committed to our data driven approach to valuing advances for artists, because we think our approach opens up more opportunity for more artists who wouldn’t otherwise have access to funding, or have access to funding on terms that don’t require artists to sacrifice ownership or control.

We accept investment from individuals who want to invest in groups of artists, guided by our data science team. Additionally, we know that our data driven approach is not the only valid way to value an artist’s commercial potential. So we have recently openedup opportunities for a select group of individuals and music companies to make investments in individual artists, using their own subjective criteria, but also with the aid of our data driven methodologies. If you are interested in this limited opportunity, or investing in group of artists, fill out an application to invest.

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